The group business develepment aims to make continious improvement culture, to increase efficiency, to increase the productivity, to decrease the production costs, to produce management knowledge in order to bring the Dikkan culture to a competitive structure at an international level through lean management.

In this direction, the business development department of Dikkan Group sees the respect that it deserves with the kaizen projects presented in lean manufacturing and kaizen events. Dikkan business development department is a dynamic department that designs and develops the future of Dikkan.

  • Dikkan Project Management System

The projects carried out in our company; managed within a system using appropriate tools and techniques; Dikkan Project Management System is implemented in order to ensure that time, cost and project outputs meet the desired quality standards. By running the projects by cross-functional teams, it is aimed to achieve a superb improvement.

  • Dikkan Kaizen System

It is a system that ensures the collection, evaluation, commissioning and follow-up of improvement ideas of all employees. The Dikkan Group's business development department enables the creation of corporate information as well as the transparent management of progress through the ideas of improvement recorded on a special screen in the Canias program.

  • Dikkan Opex / Capex System

Operational efficiency studies conducted in our company, cost index studies, and productivity analysis studies are all part of the operational excellence (OPEX) process. The OPEX process also provides an infrastructure for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) activities, which include breakdown maintenance, preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance activities.

Equipment occupancy is calculated according to sales forecasts entered into the system. According to these calculations, together with the relevant departments, the need for equipment is examined. In addition to the need for equipment, the need for human resources is also assessed. The CAPEX process is carried out by calculating return on investment rates.

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