Dikkan R&D Center, is the 677th R&D center of Turkey, and also the first R&D center in the valve industry.

The R&D Center project aims to produce technological knowledge, to increase the product quality and standard, to increase the productivity, to decrease the production costs, to produce technological knowledge in order to bring the country economy to a competitive structure at an international level through R&D and innovation.

At the same time, the project, which promotes the commercialization of technological knowledge, the development of pre-competition cooperation, investments in technology intensive production, entrepreneurship and investments in these fields, and accelerating the entry of foreign direct investment into the country for innovation and R&D, encourage increased employment.

Our R&D center has made it possible for us to achieve many new solutions and work in the framework of Industry 4.0 in both product technical competence and solutions to be presented to our customers.

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