Our journey has begun 45 years ago, continues in 6 continents and more than 70 countries with the self-confidence brought by self-assured steps.

With the projects we have implemented in the context of improving facilities and institutionalization, we have successfully launched the Izmir-Kemalpa┼ča integrated facility for Dikkan Valve and Dikkan Metal which has been specialized on valve production and iron casting. We expanded our field of activity with ─░zmetal, an important producer in the bronze centrifugal and continuous casting industry, Dikkan Brass&Bronze, a brass rolling mill with a significant market share both in domestic and global market, and Isiksan Ship Recycling Shipyards, one of the largest facilities in Europe. We continue our journey by always adding more and more, accelerating with the steps we take to improve ourselves.

We are constantly striving to be the best with our digitalization strategies, R&D projects, our Turquality journey, our achievements that enabled us to be on Turkey's top 1000 exporters list, and our strong Dikkan brand bringing us together as a group of companies.

With respect to all our teammates and business partners adding value to us in our 45 years on this path enlightened by our innovative perspective, vision, experience and entrepreneurship...

45 years of trust, devotion, many achievements and pride...

Many years together!

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