Dikkan Brass&Bronze is the brass and bronze production company of Dikkan Group which reached its aim to be one of the leading manufacturer and exporter in its field. Product range includes drawn and extruded round, hexagon and square rods, billets and ingots in different type of alloys.

Production plant set up in Izmir / Turkey covers the total of 90.000 m² area which 40.000 m² of it closed.

Physical and Mechanical analyses are performed in Dikkan’s well equipped laboratories trough a spectrometer, hardness measuring device, PC supported metal microscope, elongation tensile measurement machine, notch/stroke test device.

Test results are appraised on the Certificate of Manufacture and 3.1 Inspection Certificate according to DIN EN 10204 norm. Production is certified by Lloyd's Register for ISO 9001:2015.
By continuing its investments and improving its production on a balanced basis, Dikkan Group aims to provide employment opportunities and reach a high level of customer satisfaction and serve the national economy at this way.


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