As Dikkan Group of Companies, in line with our sustainability mission and vision, within the framework of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, energy management systems; we hereby declare that we are committed,

  • to comply with national and international standards and legal regulations, to increase customer satisfaction and to make it sustainable by offering products, services and solutions that meet customer expectations;
  • to achieve success with the participation and contribution of our employees, taking into account the best practices in the sector and in the world;
  • to create a safe and healthy working environment and to ensure the continuity of this environment, to reduce all risks with a systematic and preventive approach, with the awareness that all kinds of occupational accidents and diseases are preventable;
  • to ensure effective and efficient use of natural resources, to ensure the separation of wastes at their source in order to protect the environment with a sustainability perspective and to reduce pollution, to improve our recycling methods in accordance with technological developments in line with environmental legislations, administrative regulations and sectoral obligations;
  • to support and implement design activities that will improve our performance with regard to the products and services we supply are energy-efficient, safe and environmentally sensitive in the light of technological developments and innovations;
  • to ensure continuous improvement by carrying out innovative and creative projects that increase efficiency and reduce costs with the involvement of all our employees and stakeholders by following the innovations and developments closely;
  • to ensure sustainability by taking measures to eliminate risks that will affect our business continuity within the perspective of our corporate risk management;
  • to be a ever-growing, preferred, communicative and transparent company that creates value in Quality, Environment, OHS and Energy practices in the eyes of our stakeholders;
  • to continuously improve and develop the efficiency and performance of our Integrated Management System.
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